is an architecture & design consultancy that provides skills, capacity building and assessment, primarily in partnership with aid & development agencies, charities and NGOs. We focus on the social, technical and strategic opportunities at the crossroads between cooperation and spatial practices, where design’s impact lies on its capacity for positive, inclusive transformation. Our projects on disaster relief, reconstruction and development are based on field-experienced professional knowledge, as well as on topical and relevant academic research findings.


Aid and development no longer hinge on unilateral provision; instead, we understand
that progress comes from building projects through partnerships, local knowledge and
social responsibility. TERRANE aims to channel these elements and combine them into
tangible responses through design, analysis and open dialogue.


Scarcity should not be an obstacle to successful and safe development. In TERRANE we
believe in re-imagining post-disaster areas and the development of urban environments
by supporting sustainable practices and culturally sensitive ideas with high-quality
control and working standards.


TERRANE works in constant partnership, with specialists, institutions, external advisors
and local organizations or groups. Our work is not an end in itself, but a linking stage in
the multiple processes that trigger a sound, comprehensive development practice.